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Unsolved Mysteries Of The World, Till Date No One Has Solved These Mysteries Scientists Are Also Surprised.

Till date no one has solved these unsolved mysteries of the world scientists are also surprised.

Science has made a lot of progress today, due to which it has made many discoveries, but tell you that there are many such mysteries in the world which still remain the first for science. So let us tell you about such a mystery in front of which science also succumbed.

1. Hanging Corpse – The Cooper Family Falling Body Photo:


The incident occurred in 1952 when a family bought a new house, the head of the family took a photo to celebrate the purchase of the house. Now in this photo, 2 children are photographed sitting on the lap of their mother and grandmother, although when this photo came out, a corpse was seen hanging on the wall.

Tell the family that if they did not see the corpse, then how did they come in this photo, people say about this photo that they have definitely tampered with the photo, but the family has denied it.


2. Eternally Burning Lamp:

Eternally Burning Lamp

Now the reason behind the burning of this lamp has been succumbed by the scientists of big countries, it is being told that this lamp was discovered in the medieval period, and since then it has continued continuously without taking oil. Used to be.

Explain that for the first time such lamps were found in England, North America, China and Egypt. Despite all efforts science has not been able to find out how these lamps are burning for so many years.


3. Dogs commit suicide by jumping from this bridge:

Dogs commit suicide by jumping from this bridge

Let me tell you that till today you have heard that a person gets fed up by suffering, but today we are talking about a bridge in Scotland from which more than 100 dogs have committed suicide so far.

50 of them have died and scientists have not been able to solve the mystery of dogs committing suicide by this 50 feet high bridge, local people say that for the past century, a white lady has wandered here as a ghost There are dogs who kill dogs, but there is no concrete conclusion as to why dogs jump from here.


4. Rongorongo:


Many people believe that this Rongorongo is the mysterious language used in the past to contact each other, this Rongorongo system is printed on many artifacts of Easter Island.

So far only arguments are being made on this, but no concrete evidence has been found. It remains an unresolved puzzle even for science.

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