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Getting Health Insurance Is Easy (Know How To Get Health Insurance and Its Benefits)

It is now easier for people to get health insurance. The insurance regulator IRDA issued a circular for health insurance companies. Now customers can pay the premium monthly, quarterly and even half-yearly

  • In order to promote health insurance, the insurance regulator IRDA has now approved the proposal for monthly, quarterly and half yearly premiums instead of annual premiums.
  • Apart from this, now insurance companies will be able to make small changes in their products without waiting for IRDA approval.
  • These will include giving insurance cover from additional rider to older age.
  • This change will bring many benefits to policy holders.
  • Insurance regulator IRDA has issued a circular regarding the changed rules for payment of premium.
  • IRDA has stated in a circular sent to general and single health insurance companies that the basic premium and fee structure should not change due to payment in installments under the approved individual product.
  • It was also stated in the circular that the proposed mode (mode) of payment of premium can be monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.
  • The move is expected to give IRDA more flexibility in introducing insurance products, besides increasing the reach of the health insurance market.
  • The IRDA’s decision will benefit those who cannot afford to pay a lump sum premium.
  • Apart from this, in the circular of IRDA it is also said that people above 65 years of age will also be able to buy insurance products.
Health insurance becomes easy:
  • Approval of giving monthly monthly, quarterly, half yearly premiums to health insurance premiums
    So far annual premiums were approved.
  • Companies were also allowed to make small changes in product.
  • Approval of small changes in products through certification Companies Will be able to provide health insurance even at the age of over 65 years.
Policy holders benefit:
  • The policy holder will not be charged the entire premium simultaneously
  • Health insurance will get a boost
  • Senior citizens will get more benefit of insurance cover

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